Best of Space

Member of AKRK

Small and medium size enterprises (SME) play an important role in the German space industry landscape. A large number of SMEs is involved in the development and manufacturing of subsystems and components. It is a reflection of their high level of technological competence.

SPACE IC is a member of the German SME working group for space flight AKRK (Arbeitskreis Raumfahrt KMU) hosted by the German space agency DLR. The function of AKRK is to represent the interests of German space SMEs, to exchange information, to debate specific topics and to work on solutions and recommendations to improve the chances for space related business and collaboration of German Space SMEs.

„Best of Space – the backbone of business“ is the internet portal of the German space SMEs. The portal provides an overview of the innovative power and technical expertise of approximately 40 German companies. As an active member of the AKRK space working group, the expertise of SPACE IC is also presented on this unique portal.

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