INNOspace Masters

SPACE IC wins 3rd prize at INNOspace Masters 2017 competition

The INNOspace Masters competition is being organised by the Space Administration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as an embedded component of the INNOspace® initiative. The competition was looking for concepts and solutions under the theme “Space 4.0“ in three different categories that address current user issues, present forward-thinking ways to implement payloads, and seek to optimise the production of satellites and launchers.

SPACE IC as an expert in space-grade power management ICs joined the competion in the category "Airbus Challenge" which is focussed on solutions for the future value chain of the commercial aerospace industry.

By the initiative to define a Standard Intermediate Power Bus Interface the power interface problem of electronic modules in satellite payloads shall be addressed. Today's individual power interfaces limit the reusability of these modules and make power distribution systems both complicated and inflexible. The proposed standard interface will aid satellite payload manufacturers in increasing efficiency and flexibility of power distribution while reducing complexity and cost. See also ...

The winners of the INNOspace Masters competition have been announced at a festive awards ceremony on 17 May 2017 in Berlin alongside the INNOspace Masters conference devoted to the competition’s theme, “Space 4.0”. Out of 66 project proposals for the whole ideas competition SPACE IC made it into the final round and was awarded the 3rd prize in the "Airbus Challenge". With the support of Airbus Defence and Space SPACE IC is going to proceed the proposed initiative and invites all interested parties to join the standardization community.

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