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"Kent Ridge 1"
Heritage Mission

On December 16th, 2015 the earth observation satellite "Kent Ridge 1" was successfully launched from the Indian Satish Dhavan Space Centre into a 550 km near equatorial orbit. The satellite was designed and built in collaboration by National University of Singapore and Berlin Space Technologies GmbH.

Telemetry of the satellite was first received via the Center of Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing in Singapore on December, 17th. The satellite is healthy and the subsystems are up and running.

Integrated in the "Kent Ridge 1" satellite there is a board for in-orbit-demonstration of the SPPL12420RH point-of-load converter IC from SPACE IC. It generates a local supply from a 24V bus voltage.



These are the telemetry data of the SPPL12420RH as of July 2016.

The SPACE IC team thanks Berlin Space Technologies for this short-term opportunity of in-orbit-demonstration of the SPPL12420RH and the great support.

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