SpaceWire Conference 2014

International SpaceWire Conference 2014

The Sixth International SpaceWire Conference was organized from September 22nd to 26th, 2014 in Athens, Greece. The International SpaceWire Conference aims to bring together SpaceWire product designers, hardware engineers, software engineers, system developers and mission specialists interested in and working with SpaceWire to share the latest ideas and developments related to SpaceWire technology. Session topics included SpaceWire missions and applications, components, onboard equipment and software, test and verification, networks and protocols and standardisation.

In the lecture Radiation Tested Extended Common Mode LVDS Components SPACE IC presented the latest radiation test results of the first European LVDS (SPLVDS032RH, SPLVDS031RH) ICs. These components feature extended common-mode capability and are particularly suitable for robust physical interfaces in SpaceWire applications. The ICs are manufactured in a TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors SOI technology.

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